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Fibromyalgia Management Tool: Pilates

“There are many reasons why people develop Fibromyalgia, but no one really knows. But we do know physical exercise as a management tool for this very debilitating condition, is key to controlling ones pain.”  

We, myself included, all know what fibromyalgia is, and finding one treatment to alleviate all of the many symptoms isn’t always possible. Sometimes finding ANY treatment that helps seems impossible.

There was a study on the effects of Pilates training on people with fibromyalgia syndrome in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. December 2009. Vol. 90. No. 12. Pp. 1983-1988.  The results of this study may help some people with this condition. Fifty (50) women diagnosed with fibromyalgia participated in an exercise program three times a week for 12 weeks. The women were divided into two separate exercise groups. One group was instructed and supervised in doing a Pilates program. The instructor was a certified Pilates trainer. The second (control) group did a home program of relaxation and stretching for the same 12-week time period. The participants ranged in age from 24 to 63 years old. Except for the fibromyalgia diagnosis, these women were in good health without evidence of diabetes, high blood pressure, or other significant health problems.

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