Vision Problems…Part of Fibromyalgia??

If you have fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome, visual problems aren’t our primary concern. In fact, they aren’t a normal consequence of fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. But they can arise as bothersome secondary problems that need special attention. I find my eye’s tend to bother me from:

  • stress and fatigue of the syndrome
  • complications of the various treatment options

Although no studies confirm a relationship between dry eye disease and fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue, I experience dry-eye symptoms. I am finding this leads to cloudy & unhealthy eyes & poor vision.

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Is Fibromyalgia a Family Matter? (Powerful Video)

The Emotional Component of Chronic Pain, is very real.  If you are a patient, spouse, or child of someone with chronic pain if effects your life.  And it is very difficult, this video will help you and your family understand living with chronic pain.

Cassius DeFlon, MD, William Beaumont Hospital, MI, and Leon Rubenfaer, MD- Providence Hospital, MI share advice with patients, spouses and children.

Please share your comments with us, on the video.

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Now My Teeth Hurt–No Cavities, It’s Fibromyalgia Related!

TMJ three letters that stand for…PAIN. The medical term is Temporomandibular Joint Disorders.

TMD is a musculoskeletal disorder, which means that it affects muscles and bones. Sometimes people refer to TMD as TMJ, the correct term, as recommended by the American Dental Association, is TMD, or temporomandibular disorders. (either term causes pain for those of us who suffer from the condition)

Musculoskeletal disorders are the most prevalent cause of chronic health problems, disabilities, and health care utilization. They are the second most common reason for restricting activity and consuming medication.

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Fibromyalgia Foot Pain?

Many patients with fibromyalgia don’t think of their feet as an area, that needs special care. But there are common foot problems in fibromyalgia patients. Many of us have:

  • Poor mechanical alignment
  • Insufficient shock absorption
  • Poor weight distribution over the bottom of the foot

But wearing good shoes is one way we can ease the pain. Cushioning is essential for patients with chronic pain. Therefore, don’t get rigid-soled shoes with hard rubber or leather soles. Look for a shoe with adequate cushioning that you can compress with both thumbs. If you can compress the sole with your thumb, the shoe will compress adequately when your heel strikes the ground.

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Rebirth of My Life and a Deterrent to the Advancement of Fibromyalgia

Many of my readers know I have written three books, on fibromyalgia.  I am currently working on a new book, and a couple other projects.

Yesterday I interviewed a well known news reporter, who lives with fibromyalgia.  I found her interview so close to home, I would like to share it with my readers.

I experienced many years of numerous doctor visits, months of physical therapy, along with the probing and prodding of every part of my body and brain. There were days that I honestly thought that I was on the verge of insanity because nothing was permanently eradicating the excruciating pain and no one could tell me what was happening to my body. I would lie awake at night wondering if my legs would move and allow me to walk or if my shoulders would function so that I could brush my hair, let alone take care of my family and remain employed. The physical and emotional anguish was causing a major disruption in my daily lifestyle.

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