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Bone Fit Programs – Too Fit To Fracture

Our bone strength works like a bell curve, and strengthening or raising the peak of the curve now will allow our bones to avoid deterioration longer, tapering off at a later age. Many assume suitable care for one’s bones solely includes proper vitamins or calcium-enriched diets, but it turns out that specific types of exercise must also be included. Proper workout programs can strengthen our muscles while additionally awakening dormant osteoblasts, rebuilding and reshaping current bone structure. Four types of exercises that perform these functions, which Bone Fit offers in every class, include the following:

1. Weight bearing
2. Resistance Training
3. Flexibility
4. Balance Training

Weight bearing exercise includes any activity where your feet, legs, and hips are supporting all of your body’s weight. No type of machine or “middleman” can be used in this case, such as a bike or swimming pool. It needs to be feet-to-ground, including high or low-impact training like dancing, walking, jogging, and so on.  And balance is an important component to avoid falls.

Remember, Movement is key to staying healthy as we age!