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Fibromyalgia Pain Management–May I Borrow A Tennis Ball?

When I first developed fibromyalgia, many years ago, I search for ways to reduce my symptoms.

My physician told me one very common way is to use items that are soft and round such as a tennis ball or some other kind of firm ball in order to apply acupressure (a direct pressure to the painful area or tender point for 20-60 minutes in order to break it up the tightened, restricted fibers).

The rational for this form of treatment comes from the following analogy. When an individual suddenly develops a charley horse in the middle of the night, the natural inclination is to grab at the muscle, start to massage it and then stretch it out. This is a reflexive, instinctive action that takes. On the other hand, when a partial area of muscle tightens producing the same painful phenomenon, the body has no reflex to address the problem. Despite this fact, when the same treatment technique is used … massaging out the muscle knot, stretching out the fibers and then bring them back to their normal resting length, the exact same results can be achieved … successful pain relief!

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“Oh my Gosh, I’m Lost!” Coping With Fibromyalgia

No, you are not crazy. Your pain and fatigue are real and have a cause.

For one of my patients it came to a head one day while she was driving home from work on the expressway and suddenly realized, “Oh my gosh, I’m lost.”

She shared her experience with me…  She pulled off to the side in amazement. She could hardly think of anything but being tired, getting lost cut through the fog to have an impact. Where was I? Had I passed my exit? Nothing looked familiar. I had to think back to what I last remembered. I had just left work, hadn’t I?

And the little voice in my head kept saying, “I am so tired.” I broke down and cried, but there was no relief in it, so but a moment later I was saying to myself, “I don’t think I’ve gone far enough” as I pulled back onto the expressway.

Soon, I was crying again. “Maybe I should just run my car into that wall. Then I’d get some sleep!” No, I wasn’t serious. I was just being sarcastic with myself. All I wanted was to be myself again! I stopped driving that day for over a year.

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