A Call To Action: Start Pilates Gradually – But Start!

If you’re doing no exercise at the present time, start by exercising at a mild-to-moderate intensity for 5 to 10 minutes at a time, 3 or more times per week. That may not sound like much – but if you go from doing nothing to doing this amount of exercise, and gradually increase the intensity, frequency, and duration of activity, you’ll improve your health more than a person who goes from running 30 miles per week to running 40 miles a week.

How could this be? Recent pioneering research has shown that people who don’t exercise at all (we refer to them as the least active, least fit – or the bottom 20 percent) have the greatest risk of developing cardiovascular problems and other chronic diseases. If you get out of this “high risk” category by doing even a modest amount of exercise each week, you’ll substantially decrease your risk for a heart attack or stroke and increase you quality of life.

How does Pilates fit into this discussion? How does Pilates follow the principle of inertia? A body at rest tends to remain at rest and a body in motion tends to remain in motion. Pilates is movement; movement is life.  It is a practice of moving, breathing, becoming stronger and more mobile!

By simply starting, you overcome inertia and build momentum! The ultimate goal of Pilates is not world-class athleticism but a gradual move toward functional independence and improved health and fitness. A more fit body will allow you to perform occupational and/or leisure time activities of daily living without inducing a cascade of debilitating symptoms. You can tame depression, ease pain and build self-confidence. The challenge is yours! Start Pilates, and start taking back your life.

Please share your comments and what type of Pilates or exercise you participate in.

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