About Gentle Pilates

Pilates is movement; movement is life.
Welcome to your practice of moving, breathing, becoming stronger and more mobile!

Dr. Sharon Ostalecki
Over the past decade, I’ve met hundreds of patients and professionals who deal with illnesses that result in chronic pain and fatigue. My personal journey led me to acquire a tremendous amount of knowledge and numerous accredited certifications.

I have lived with chronic and serious health issues, for more than 20 years and understand how difficult and disheartening it can be. I have experienced Fibromyalgia, and other serious health issues. But I also know the impact of making changes to your daily lifestyle can have. It’s entirely possible for you to take back your life and reach your goals.

 Gentle Pilates

The Gentle Pilates program emphasizes identifying movement patterns that can contribute to a person’s pain and teach new movement patterns that aim to correct muscle imbalances triggering that pain.

Gentle Pilates takes a therapeutic approach to the issues of chronic muscular tension, myofascial pain & stiffness.  Our primary goal is to develop, maintain and restore functional abilities as well as to improve body awareness.

Every client receives a thorough evaluation, and a individually tailored exercise program will be developed to meet each client’s specific needs.

Programs are specialized for those with Fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis, Cancer Rehabilitation and for individuals wanting to strengthen, after physical therapy.   My passion for helping people will help you achieve your goal of elevating your state of well being through exercise, movement and health education.

My goal is to support my clients in clarifying their vision of how they want things to be, and then together make that into


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From Our Clients

Dr. Ostalecki displays remarkable knowledge of the intricate biomechanics of the human body and has shown outstanding skills in dealing with my fibromyalgia pain, over the past couple years. I have also noticed better body awareness and really wish that Pilates was a part of my life from the very beginning.

Working with Dr. Ostalecki would be an asset for any one with pain, who would like to learn Pilates from a top level instructor. She is highly trained and suited to teach and rehabilitate clients, through the Pilates method.

~Judy Polite

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