Gentle Pilates offers private, semi-private (duet),  pilates sessions.
We also offer private and small group Bone Fit classes.

Both offer  strength training with balance, posture, and accessible movement. The solid biomechanics behinds Pilates and Bone Fit classes make an excellent form of exercise and movement for:

  • Fibromyalgia patients
  • Breast Cancer Patients
  • The elderly and those who have osteoporosis
  • Those who have been injured while trying to exercise elsewhere
  • Those who have just finished physical therapy
  • Any person looking to add safe, effective exercise into their week

Pilates Private and Semi-private Session

All private and semi-private sessions are available by appointment only. Please view our pricing page for the latest fee schedule or contact Dr. Ostalecki by phone at 248-345-2933</a