Breast Cancer

shutterstock_153680510This new Breast Cancer Pilates program will encompass almost all aspects of Pilates, from mat, to reformer, to BioCored. It is already well known that Pilates can promote greater mind-body awareness, increased overall strength and flexibility, improved posture and alignment, and increasing energy levels. However, Pilates has also been shown to help restore one to their previous functioning levels following breast cancer surgery. Research has shown that Pilates helps to reduce stress & anxiety, regain strength and mobility in the affected surgery, and can aid in recovery of both the mind and the body following surgery.

Dr. Ostalecki is a PMA Certified Polestar Pilates Instructor, and ACSM Cancer Exercise Trainer. She specializes in working with people who suffer from chronic pain, fatigue, stress, osteoporosis, and cancer. She has 16 years of experience as a clinical nutritionist and integrative health and wellness coach. She is also the foremost developer of Pilates programs for individuals with fibromyalgia. Because of her broad background, she is able to bring a creative approach to Pilates that better benefits the individual person.

For information or to schedule a session, call Dr. Ostalecki at 248-345-2933 or contact us.